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AUSTRALIA EWASTE RECYCLING is a company specialising in e waste collection Melbourne and a wide range of e-waste recycling and disposal solutions.

Some of the services we offer include computer recycling, IT asset disposition services, and digital electronics products destruction whether in Melbourne or beyond.

We exist to provide solutions to various e waste problems in select areas within Australia, as means to help businesses minimize costs, reuse certain recyclable e waste components, and dispose of tech waste the ethical and sustainable way.

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E waste Collection Melbourne: Sources and Cause of E-Waste


In terms of definition, e-waste refers to electronics and electronic parts which are no longer deemed useful or already nearing the end of practical use. Some of the causes and sources of e waste include computers and other IT hardware, electronic appliances such as microwaves and televisions, and devices such as mobile phones, printers, photocopiers, and others.

Due to the effects of e waste on the environment, careful e waste collection Melbourne is crucial.  Businesses need to prioritize e waste disposal and recycling. Lead from cathode ray tubes, chromium found in tapes, and polychlorinated biphenyls found in computer parts can contaminate soil and water. If burned like traditional waste, it can even affect air quality.

The importance of e waste disposal thus, goes beyond just environment aspects. Toxic substances such as lead, chromium, cadmium, and PCB can trigger serious health conditions like heart disease, lung failure, and even reduced fertility.

E-Waste Collection Melbourne You Can Trust


Regardless of the type of tech waste you possess — from officeworks e waste to factory tech waste — professional services can be of great help. Here at E-Waste & Metal Recycling, we have made it our mission to carry out the disposal of e waste in a responsible, safe, and efficient manner.

From e waste collection Laverton, disposal of e-waste in Victoria, to metal disposal and recycling Melbourne, our solutions are simple, customizable, and affordable.

What We Can Do — Ethical E-Waste Disposal Methods


If what you need in Australia or Melbourne is e waste disposal or e waste recycling near me, we can help. You will be surprised with what can be made from electronic waste and how it can save you from unnecessary spending.

For recycling, collection, or disposal of e waste Brisbane, e waste Perth, and e waste collection Melbourne, get in touch with us now.

E-Waste & Metal Recycling is simply a message or a call away. We look forward to serving you.