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If you operate a business or company within the transport hub that is Port Melbourne, you will most likely be dealing with different types of waste or rubbish. One of the most crucial and controversial types of waste is e waste, which can come from electronics and parts, as well as computers. If thrown without care, it can potentially cost your company huge expenses and end up jeopardizing the environment and even human health.

To ensure that e waste collection Port Melbourne is done appropriately, it pays to obtain the services of experienced professionals.

Here at E-waste & Metal Recycling, we have had more than 13 years’ of working experience in resource recycling within Asia. Moreover, we have been servicing the areas within and around Melbourne since 2014.

Whether you need metal disposal and recycling Melbourne, ewaste collection Hoppers Crossing, or Port Melbourne recycling specifically, we are here to help.

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E Waste Recycling Melbourne & Disposal Port Melbourne


E waste collection Melbourne has never been more important, especially with business compliance laws and environmental safety laws enacted all over Australia. To properly process and dispose of e waste in Victoria, it’s crucial to rely on people who clearly know what they are doing.

Electrical waste disposal, including audio and video electronics products destruction and IT asset disposition, is our professional expertise. Here at E-waste & Metal Recycling, we know what to do with e waste so that it doesn’t end up costing your business unnecessarily or hurting the environment in critical ways.

If electrical waste disposal is a concern for you, our professionals are ready to help. From Port Phillip bin collection to computer disposal Melbourne and hard drive destruction Melbourne, our services are designed to cater to any need within Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

With the help of expert recyclers of e waste, your company or business will know which outdated devices and equipment may still be reused, recycled, donated to other organizations, or destroyed for good.

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