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Australia Ewaste Recycling is a subsidiary of Y&Y Trading Pty Ltd. The company was established in 2014 and has been operating for 17 years, specializing in resource recycling in the Asian market.

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With 461,539 jobs all over Dandenong contributing to as much as 6% of the total Australian GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the capital is definitely thriving.

Companies and businesses that make available such jobs, however, are not exempt from their responsibility on the proper disposal of technological waste or e waste Victoria. Ewaste collection in Dandenong, therefore, should be the priority of business owner.

If you need services specialising in e waste disposal in Dandenong and recycling, talk to us.

This allows us to serve as many communities and businesses within Dandenong and the neighbouring cities and suburbs.


But, why are our services important? Why should e waste recycling be a priority? Why is there a need for proper hard drive destruction in Dandenong, for example?

Here at Australia Ewaste Recycling, we believe that the need for our services centers on environmental responsibility, data security, and convenience.

Ewaste tends to come in many forms and types, and various parts of electronic devices can be detrimental when it leaches into the soil.

Thus computers, audio, and video electronics products destruction should be done with care and expertise. In the absence of proper handling and disposal, these substances can contaminate water, soil, and air and eventually cause harm to health and the environment.

In terms of convenience, we carry out ewaste recycling in Australia as well as provide disposal solutions to help companies streamline their e waste processes. If you don’t know what to do with old printers Australia or where to start with computer recycling in Dandenong,  get in touch with us.

Data confidentiality and security is also a crucial concern when it comes to e waste handling. The last thing you would want to hear about is your data — or the stored data/information of your clients — being used for identity theft, phishing, and other malicious activities. There are also laws that prohibit businesses from exposing client data to possible criminal use.


Do you need e waste recycling near me? Or e waste disposal in Melbourne and beyond? If the answer is YES, then contact us right away.

Let Australia Ewaste Recycling handle your tech waste concerns. We are only a message, a call, or an email away. Request your quote from us now.