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There are many reasons why e waste collection Melbourne, including computer disposal services, is a necessity for individuals and business users alike. Typically, a personal computer or laptop will reach the end of its life span within at least five years. Offices and freelancing workers also often upgrade their devices for productivity and compatibility purposes.

If you’re planning old server disposal in Melbourne,, computer or laptop recycling in schools, universities, corporates or hospitals? We have the right solutions for you.

Here at E-waste & Metal Recycling, our goal is to provide ewaste recycling and disposal services throughout Melbourne and its neighboring areas. Whether you need e waste collection Melbourne, e-waste Brisbane disposal or e-waste collection Perth, we are the right people for the job.

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How to dispose of laptops in Australia or e-waste in Victoria after the effects of wear and tear?

Unlike traditional waste and other types of rubbish, old computers disposal are not meant to find their way into usual landfills and garbage dumping sites. Because many of the parts of these electronics contain toxic and potentially lethal substances, proper computer disposal Melbourne is crucial. For instance, computer screens can contain lead, while switches may be loaded with mercury. Once these substances leach into the soil, they can be damaging to both humans and the environment.

What we offer is an efficient way to carry out e waste collection Melbourne and in other areas. We do computer disposal and computer recycling Melbourne responsibly and ethically.

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Don’t risk harming the environment through improper old computer disposal or laptop recycling Melbourne. Secure your privacy as well.

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