What we offer

1. E-Waste Recycling and Disposal

Here at E-waste & Metal Recycling, we provide e waste collection in Melbourne and recycling services in neighboring areas.

We have obtained proper accreditation in e waste recycling Australia, specifically on ISO14001, ISO9001, AS/NZS5377, AS/NZS 4801 standards.

We make use of various e waste disposal methods and recycling strategies. After e waste collection Melbourne, we dismantle and separate officeworks e waste at our facility. We will then send the separated parts to refiners overseas for the recovery and reuse of such parts into manufactured items.

These are the types of products, which we are able to collect and recycle:

  • Circuit Boards
  • Servers & Racks
  • Network Equipment
  • Telecoms Equipment
  • Routers & Modems
  • Mobile Phones / Smartphones / Tablets
  • PCs & Laptops
  • PC Components – Fans, Heat Sinks, CPUs, RAM etc.
  • Hard Drives
  • Display Equipment
  • Mainframes
Hard Drive Data Destruction
2. Secure E Waste Collection Melbourne and More

Other than the importance of e waste disposal, there is also a need to maintain data security and confidentiality. Assets disposal can place both data security and privacy at serious risk. This is why we offer reliable data destruction services in Melbourne and other areas.

Whether we’re working on hard drives, memory cards, or mobile phones, we can eliminate stored data securely and irreversibly.

From e waste Perth to e waste Brisbane, you can always count on our solutions. Get in touch with our representatives today.

3. E waste Collection and IT Assets Disposal

The effects of e waste on the environment cannot be overlooked. E waste disposal is something which companies and businesses should prioritize in. With several causes of e waste, from electronics to computer parts, serious e waste problems can crop up as a result. And among the most common examples of e waste are old and outdated IT assets.

With our IT asset disposition services, including old server disposal and laptop recycling Melbourne, e waste disposal ‘near me’ is feasible and affordable.

Macbook Apple Imac Computer
4. Metal Recycling & E waste Recycling Near Me

If you have metal items or parts lying around in your backyard or office storage rooms, we can collect them as part of our metal disposal and recycling Melbourne services. We offer this in addition to e waste collection Melbourne. Depending on the condition of the parts, we can dispose of them completely or reuse them as necessary.

Although we offer metal recycling in Melbourne, we also provide the same services in several other areas. These include metal recycling Sunshine, e waste collection Geelong, and even e waste collection Sydney.

5. Plastic Recycling Solutions

With plastics contributing heavily to the general state of pollution in Australia, we provide helpful plastic recycling services.

Just like electronic waste, plastic parts may also be manufactured into different and usable items.

Call us at E-waste & Metal Recycling to request for plastics collection and recycling today.

6. Need E waste Collection Melbourne? We Charge Reasonable Fees

We provide free collection services for every transaction of more than 20 pcs of items (such as laptops, desktops, and network equipment) and location distance of no more than 50 km from our facility.

Succeeding rates are as follows:

  • 50km to 100km: 50 AUD and 20 AUD per hour on site
  • 100km to 300km: 300 AUD and 50 AUD per hour on site

With charges:

  • LCD screens
  • Data destruction services
  • Digital electronics products destruction
  • Audio and video electronics products destruction
  • Brand electronics products destruction

For Trusted E-waste Collection Melbourne & Metal Recycling Solutions in Australia, Call Us!