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Get more than just e waste collection Melbourne services here. We have the solutions you need in Geelong, too!

If you operate a business or manage a company in Geelong, an update or replacement of existing operational equipment, devices, and IT assets will be needed from time to time. This will also lead to the generation of e waste, which may be in the form of discarded batteries, televisions, audio equipment, and computers, among others.

Here at E-waste & Metal Recycling, we specialize in e waste collection in Geelong. Whether you need e waste collection Melbourne or e waste recycling Darebin, we have the expertise for it. We help ensure that e-waste sustainability in Australia is maintained at all times.

Looking for services on ewaste collection Sydney or e waste collection Perth? We cater to cities and suburbs outside Geelong, too. Give us a call today to get a quote on AUSTRALIA EWASTE RECYCLING in Geelong or beyond.

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E waste Recycling & Disposal Geelong & E waste Collection Melbourne


With its strategic connection to Melbourne and continued employment and economic growth in recent years, Geelong is home to more than 15,000 businesses and counting. Along with this spurt in capital appreciation and economic activity comes the concern on ewaste disposal and recycling, especially with the e waste legislation in Australia. There has been an ongoing e waste ban in Victoria, which also includes areas in and around Geelong.

According to the Environment Protection Authority in Victoria, careful e waste processing must be done by businesses and individuals. Efforts must be done to prevent the harmful leaking of toxic substances from old batteries, cathode ray tubes, and motherboards to soil, water, and/or air.

This is precisely what E-waste & Metal Recycling is here for. With our extensive experience in resource recycling in Asia and Australia, we understand the ethical, environmental, and economical requirements of the job. Not only do we carry out effective e waste recycling Melbourne, we also cater to laptop recycling, digital electronics products destruction, and even TV recycling in Melbourne.

It is our mission to help businesses minimize expenses and reduce tech waste footprint in the environment. Combining experience, legal knowledge, and technical know-how, our company can help you with e waste collection Melbourne and Geelong including other areas within Victoria.

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Don’t allow your outdated equipment or IT assets to contribute to hazardous waste pollution in Australia or anywhere else. For e waste collection Melbourne or e waste collection in Geelong, talk to us.

Get in touch with us at E-waste & Metal Recycling to start on your much-needed tech waste and resource recycling solutions today.

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